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Don't settle for the standard. At MJC, we build our patented products and solutions to specifically match your facility's needs. Giving you the most efficient and best performing HVAC solution.

Air Turnover Units

Air Turnover Units are the ideal solution for heating and cooling large open spaces. This unit is designed to intake air from the floor level and discharge conditioned air at the top section of the unit, keeping even temperatures throughout your facility.

Our air turnover unit eliminates stratification, lowers maintenance and energy costs, and provides complete temperature control.

Additional air turnover benefits

1. Elimination of RTUs
2. Less Structural Support on Roof
3. Units maintained at floor level
4. Limited Unit static = Lower Fan BHP
5. Even Temperatures in Space for valuable product.

Air Handlers/ Make Up Air Units

MJC Air Handlers offer a perfect solution for projects with specific needs. Engineered for custom applications, our air handlers provide a unit tailored to your facility's unique requirements.

MJC Product Outline: Air Handlers & Make Up Air Units

Indoor or Outdoor Construction
500 to 150,000 CFM
5 Ton to 400 Tons
DX or CW
50 MBH to 10,000 MBH
Gas Heat / Steam / Electric / Hot Water
Variety of fan offerings
Full Electrical Capabilities: OEM Controls

MJC Data Center & Modular Air Handlers

16,000 - 32,000 CFM
Modular / Cassette Configuration
DX or CW
Foam Panel Construction
Direct Drive Plenum Fans
Break down capability to fit through commercial doorway & hallway

Convergence: Packaged VRF Multi-Zone

Our patented Convergence Unit is a real game changer.  A variable refrigerant flow multi-zone packaged unit configured in a classic multi-zone layout for both multi-zone replacement and traditional VRF markets. MJC has combined the efficiency and reliability of a VRF system into a roof or pad mounted packaged unit. MJC Convergence Unit (PVRF-MZ)

Patented VRF Product
Most Efficient MZ Unit on the market
VRF Technology
Up to (12) Zones / Unit
Built to match existing unit footprint

Energy Recovery Units

MJC Energy Recovery Units precondition outside air by heating or cooling the air while recovering up to 80% of the energy. MJC Energy Recovery Units are designed to be stand alone or built directly onto a rooftop unit or air handler.

MJC Energy Recovery Units have been used to save energy in applications including

Office Buildings
Manufacturing Plants
Sports Complexes

ERV built on customer RTU

MJC Energy Recovery Unit Outline / Offering

Stand Alone Unit
Built-On Unit (Packaged onto an RTU or AHU)
Enthalpy Wheels
Fixed Plate
Frost Controls
Galvanized - Stainless Steel - Foam Panel Construction
Multiple Fan Offerings

Stand Alone ERV

MJC provides numerous modifications for customers' HVAC equipment. Below are a list of most common options. Contact MJC for a full list of our modification offerings.

Hot Gas Reheat

On/off or modulating

APR Rawal Valve

Factory approved installer

Fan Modifications

Fan changeouts, static issues, higher cfm, etc.

Sheet Metal

Stainless steel drain pans, double wall construction, access doors, etc.

Additional Unit Heat

Gas Heat, Heat Coils, KW Heat, etc.

Rental Equipment

Modifying Standard Units for Rental use, Rental Field Repairs

MJC Capabilities Info

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Corrosion protective coating for harsh applications such as seacoast, waste water treatment, chemical plants, and more.


Protective coating against bio growth on your units surfaces


Custom colors for your HVAC equipment.

MJC Capabilities Info

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