250 Ton Air Cooled Trane Chiller with 100,000 CFM MJC Air Turnover System




Product packaging will not tolerate fluctuating temperature and humidity. Owner required HVAC Performance Guarantee.

Current HVAC System:

The engineering review found that the system was undersized and due to the building height, there was poor airflow throughout the space.

Effects on Employees:

The current system could not meet the customer’s need to maintain employee productivity. Due to manufacturing functions, spot cooling was not an option. Humidity control was required for both employee production and product quality.


Existing rooftop system was not getting the job done.


MJC manufactured two 90,000 CFM Air Turnover Units at 240-tons with two 120-ton outdoor condensing units. Each unit was designed for 100% return air circulation, MERV 8 Filters and airfoil double deflection discharge louvers. Custom Color was added to meet customers aesthetic design requirements.


The facility saw a temperature decrease from higher than 90° F to 72° F consistent temperature. Process area temperature and humidity are now stable, ensuring packaging consistency and enhanced employee productivity. MJC and their partners were able to meet the customer guarantee as requested.

Air Turnover units provide flexibility to the customer. The building was leased, therefore the customer did not want to impact the structure. Because the ATO’s are not part of the building structure and they are owned by the leaser, they are able to be relocated to other facilities allowing the owner control of their investment.


Location: Peachtree City, GA

Types: Distribution Center Manufacturing Facility

Building: 600′(L) x 400′(W) x 40′(H)

Product: Other

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