Providing Innovative Design Solutions to an Account Manager

We recently received a phone call from an Account Manager at a Trane office in South Carolina. He was working hard to find the right HVAC solution for his customer, but faced a number of design restrictions.

His customer needed a Trane Voyager unit, but the install space was limited, and the unit couldn’t quite fit. Additionally, the unit needed a VFD, energy recovery wheel, and the air exhaust had to tie into the unit at a specific location.

Our experienced team of engineers worked alongside the Account Manager to quickly design an innovative and economical solution. We provided custom modifications to the Trane Voyager, and installed an energy recovery wheel, so it could easily fit into the tight space. Our custom modification and design expertise helped the Account Manger win the job and provide an innovative solution for his customer.

At MJC, we pride ourselves on helping Account Managers win jobs and offer a better HVAC solution. Are you an Account Manager facing a HVAC design restriction? We’d love to help.

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