250 Ton Air Cooled Trane Chiller with 100,000 CFM MJC Air Turnover System




Provide a solution that implements warehouse cooling for employee comfort and product sustainability.

Construction Cost:

The project was over budget due to the structural steel requirements needed to support equipment on the roof.

Current HVAC System:

The current HVAC system was not performing to the customer’s needs. The poor performance affected the manufacturing process and created an unpleasant work environment.

Effects on Employees:

Due to the high heat gain from manufacturing, the effects on work caused losses in productivity and failure to maintain consistent staffing. Spot cooling from conventional HVAC equipment did not provide an even temperature for a consistent work environment.


A 250 ton air cooled Trane Chiller with 100,000 CFM MJC Air Turnover System was proposed in order to meet customer’s needs. The design was accepted due to ease of installation, ability to evenly cool warehouse at differing elevations and overall system efficiency.


Building owner and mechanical contractor are both extremely pleased with the results. Unit cools and dehumidifies with great accuracy, which both improves employee productivity and prevents the packaging materials from deforming or discoloring poorly both at ground level during production and in storage racks.


Location: Acworth, GA

Types: Distribution Center Warehouse, Manufacturing Facility

Product: Paper

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